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All our trees are hardy outdoor trees and should not be kept inside. Because a bonsai tree is in a pot, its roots cannot grow deep into the ground for water and nourishment, and it needs to be looked after carefully, fed and watered. Trees do not like to stand in water, their soil should be free draining, but they should be kept moist, and if it does not rain, they must be watered, every day in the summer. They should be fed during the growing season, with any proprietary fertilizer sprinkled on the surface of the soil, watered in, or used as a foliar feed.

The tree will respond differently according to how you treat it. You can keep it small, or make it larger, by putting it in different amounts of soil. Some people grow them in large containers at first for fast growth, and then reduce the size when the tree has obtained vigour and growth. 

In either case, the same principles apply. The tree should never become pot-bound. The roots should be inspected, re-potted and trimmed in early spring to give plenty of room for root development, and to encourage a good fibrous root system. The more fibrous the root system, the more nourishment the tree can absorb from the soil, and the healthier the tree will be. Do not be afraid, you can be quite rough with the roots, combing them out to the shape of your pot.

Soils should be loose and free draining. Everyone has their own favourite soil mix, but we like 50% non-soil based compost, and 50% granular material.

Bonsai pots have large drainage holes, which need to be covered by a square of mesh, to contain the soil.


If the tree thrives, it will also respond well to other bonsai techniques, such as pruning or wiring, and styling. The first thing is to know your tree, and maintain it in good health.



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